xentermine diet pill

#1 Pill For targeted Weight Loss


Xentermine Contains Clinically Proven Ingredients Meant To:

#1 Pill For targeted Weight Loss


xentermine diet pill
Xentermine Contains Clinically Proven Ingredients Meant To:

You're 1 Step Closer to Weight Loss and a Trimmer Waist

Why are we gaining weight? The world is moving faster, but we’re getting bigger due to stress, lack of sleep, and unhealthy gut bacteria. Xentermine offers solutions to all areas of major weight-gaining problems that women and men struggle with. 

Xentermine reviews

What Is Xentermine Advanced Weight Loss Formula?

Xentermine ingredients
Xentermine Bottle

Why are we gaining weight? The world is moving faster, but we’re getting bigger due to stress, lack of sleep, and unhealthy gut bacteria. Xentermine offers solutions to all areas of major weight-gaining problems that women and men struggle with. 

Why are we gaining weight? The world is moving faster, but we’re getting bigger due to stress, lack of sleep, and unhealthy gut bacteria. Xentermine offers solutions to all areas of major weight-gaining problems that women and men struggle with. 

Why Use Unsafe Rx's When There’s a Better Option?

Xentermine hasn’t been on the market for as long as some other products, but there’s no doubt from anyone that’s used Xentermine in the past few years that it can absolutely help you get your dream body. Discover the power of Xentermine’s Advanced Weight Loss Formula and start seeing results in as little as 2 weeks.

  • Faster Fat Loss
  • Speed Up Metabolism
  • Have Less Food Cravings
  • Feel Fuller, Longer
  • Have More Energy

Real People. Real Results With Xentermine

14 pounds in 3 months!*
xentermine testimonial
Rating: 5.0

I was struggling after my 2nd baby. It just wasn’t coming off like it did with my first child a few years ago. I finally dropped the extra weight with Xentermine.

Finally got rid of my damn love handles
Rating: 5.0

Took about 3.5 months but I was finally able to get rid of the fat around my belly. Xentermine weight loss pills helped me finally get the body I’ve been working on forever.

I lose 9 pounds in 8 weeks*
xentermine reviews before and after
Rating: 4.5

I buying xentermine diet pill and it helps me to lose fat very fast. I am buying again very soon to keep fat low. 

Xentermine included with keto dieting
xentermine reviews before and after photos
Rating: 5.0

I’ve been using keto dieting to lose weight and added xentermine weight loss pills to give me extra energy and fat loss. I’m down 30 pounds and counting

Discover Xentermine™ - Real Weight Loss For People Like You

Xentermine reviews

Every part of this award-winning formula was carefully selected to give you maximum results. Each ingredient has clinical research proving its strength, so you never have to worry about effectiveness. 

Xentermine contains clinically tested ingredients that have shown to be very effective at aiding with losing weight and boosting energy levels to give you more motivation & focus.

Higher weight levels coincide with a multitude of health problems, including heart issues, and even mental health. Xentermine comes in a small, easy-to-swallow capsule and when taken with your newly improved lifestyle, can contribute to much higher confidence levels and body composition.

Have You Heard Of This Powerful Weight Loss Formula?

xentermine ingredients - cayenne
Capsicum / Cayenne Pepper Extract

Cayenne pepper extract has been shown to be one of the absolute natural fat-burning ingredients available. It works by increasing thermogenesis and boosting metabolism levels. In fact, cayenne pepper has shown to reduce body fat percentage by nearly 6% in only 12 weeks! and didn’t build up a tolerance, meaning that it can be taken without needing to increase your dosage.

cayenne pepper weight loss
xentermine ingredients - caffeine
Caffeine Anhydrous

Just about everyone has experienced the benefits of caffeine. It helps with endurance, motivation, and focus. However, when taken regularly, it can boost thermogenic response, which directly correlates with weight loss. Test subjects were able to increase their average thermogenic response by up to 6%. Caffeine helps suppress your appetite but shouldn’t be taken too soon before bedtime.

xentermine - caffeine and weight loss
xentermine ingredients - coleus forskholii
Coleus Forskohlii

This ingredient comes from areas of Thailand, Nepal, and India. It’s an expensive part of the root of particular types of mint plants. People have known about it’s uses, but only recently have more clinical studies been performed, which has shown to help decrease body weight by 12.62 pounds in 12 weeks. That’s over 1 pound per week! Many users have noted improvement with maintaining leaner muscle mass in addition to weight loss.

xentermine - coleus forskohlii weight loss
xentermine ingredients - chromium picolinate
Chromium Picolinate

Chromium is an essential mineral compound that helps improve certain areas of the body, such as insulin response and even helping to lower blood sugar. Chromium has also aided test subjects by reducing food cravings by up to 24%. Chromium is relatively inexpensive, but not commonly found in dietary supplements.

xentermine - chromium picolinate weight loss
xentermine ingredients - white willow bark
White Willow Bark (Salicin)

White willow bark may seem like an odd ingredient to add to a diet pill supplement and it wouldn’t do much for weight loss if it were the only ingredient. But when it’s combined with other powerful ingredients, such as those found in this formula, it helps extend the other ingredient’s effectiveness. Another great benefit to white willow bark is it’s ability to help reduce pain levels by up to 37%. Many people that struggle with chronic pain also happen to be overweight. By being able to perform exercise with less pain can be exceptionally beneficial for additional weight loss.

xentermine - white willow bark weight loss
xentermine ingredients - phenylethylamine HCI
Phenylethylamine HCI

While it doesn’t directly affect fat, it helps people feel higher levels of serotonin and dopamine. This helps users feel happier. In clinical studies, scientists wanted to see how it affected people during exercise. Phenylthylamine HCI actually helped test subjects feel happier and more willing to extend their workouts, which allowed them to burn more calories. 

But it’s not just exercise where it helps you lose weight! When our bodies have more serotonin & dopamine, we tend to eat less since our appetites are curbed and our metabolism has a boost.

More Fat-Reducing Ingredients:

Black pepper extract doesn’t directly help you burn more fat. But it does work by forcing all other ingredients to work together for a much higher absorption rate. That means that the ingredients Xentermine contains will work even harder & longer to help you lose more weight.
Ashwagandha Root Powder
Ashwagandha contains a multitude of antioxidants that benefit more ways than weight loss, alone. Studies have shown that Ashwagandha can boost weight loss efforts by 114.3% versus a placebo.
When combined with caffeine, hesperidin showed significantly greater decreases in abdominal fat, reductions in subcutaneous fat, and lowered BMI. Hesperidin has also shown to decrease inflammation, improve relief from allergies, and boost cognitive function.
Grains Of Paradise

Very popular in pre workout powders because of it’s ability to boost energy levels without increasing heart rate. Grains of paradise can help lower inflammation in the joints and decrease fat levels in your body.

Evodiamine works as a thermogenic. It helps to increase your metabolism and boost your fat burning efforts. Evodiamine safely increases your core body temperature to burn more fat cells.

How Does Xentermine Compare To Other Popular Products?

Xentermine vs other products

Sometimes a product seems like a great price, but once you get it, you see that it only has a 2 week supply or it’s an auto-ship scam. With Xentermine, you get a great formula, NO AUTOSHIP, a FULL 30 day supply, plus a money back guarantee!

MG Per Serving
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According to the CDC, Healthy weight loss isn’t just about a “diet” or “program”. It’s about an ongoing lifestyle that includes long-term changes in daily eating and exercise habits.

*This graph represents our estimations of total weight loss effects, based on ingredients used in Xentermine, combined with healthy diet & exercise.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Xentermine is guaranteed to give you the edge on weight loss. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the product, simply return your full order within 60 days for a full refund, minus any shipping and handling costs. Read more in our FAQ section.

xentermine PM diet formula

Xentermine PM - $69.95 Value For Free!

Xentermine PM is a stimulant-free weight loss product that works in conjunction with the “day-time” formula. It contains ingredients that help curb nighttime cravings and also improves your sleep for faster weight loss. Each bottle retails for $69.95, but you can get it for free with select purchases. Every fitness trainer will tell you: “If you want to lose weight faster, get better sleep!”

Buy Xentermine Now & Get To Work On Your Dream Body

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1 month supply

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Retail: $179.95 You Save: $60!


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3 + 2 Free

Retail: $449.95 You Save: $300!


Xentermine Advanced Weight Loss Formula Frequently Asked Questions:

The great thing is that the sky is the limit! Without changing diet or exercise, the ingredients in Xentermine has shown to be very effective. 

With a boost of clean energy and appetite suppression, Xentermine can help you achieve your goals.

Xentermine doesn’t work for everyone, but it does work for almost everyone. Approximately 1 in every 100 people decide to return Xentermine for a refund.

Xentermine Advanced Weight Loss Formula was created out of necessity. Since many ingredients in the past have been deemed unsafe, such as ephedra, Xentermine uses the safest alternatives that produce similar results, but without the nasty side-effects. There are no banned or R-x substances. This product is safe to use for any collegiate athlete or follows WADA.

If you are taking other R-X products, under 18, pregnant, nursing, or have underlying health conditions, please speak with a health professional before using any dietary supplements.

You should feel an energy boost from Xentermine shortly after taking. Most people start seeing more dramatic weight loss results after only a few weeks

Each dose of Xentermine lasts 4-6 hours. Don’t take Xentermine within 5-6 hours of going to sleep. 

Most people find that once they’ve reached their goal weight with using Xentermine, that they cut their dosing in half or every other day in order to maintain their lower weight.

No negative side effects have been reported. The most common, noticeable effect is a boost in energy from caffeine. The ingredients in Xentermine have been clinically proven to improve weight loss. It was formulated with 100% safety in mind and to be a replacement for banned products.

If you’re unsure about any ingredients, please consult your healthcare professional before use.

Yes! Every order comes with a no-nonsense 60 day money back guarantee.

If you decide to return your order, all you need to do is contact customer support and they’ll give you instructions on how to return your items and receive your money back. (support@xentermine.com)

Each order can open a maximum of 1 bottle in order to comply with the guarantee. For example: If you purchase 2 bottles, you can open a maximum of 1 bottle. Then, send both the empty and resalable, unopened bottle back for a full refund, less any original shipping charges.

The internet has come a very long way in the last 10 years. Our website is outfitted with 256-BIT encryption and maintains the highest standards of online processing. Your information is safest with online ordering through our website


We don’t store your information and you’ll never be automatically sent products. Although most customers order 4-6 times each year, each order is made manually by the customer by visiting the site and adding items to their cart & purchasing.

Yes, every order is sent in a plain, white, bubble-wrapped bag. There isn’t any “branding” or logos that show what is inside the packaging.

All orders ship within one business days. Business days are Monday through Fridays, excluding holidays.

Yes! We ship all over the world. To figure out pricing, simply add an item to the cart and enter your country name.

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Occasionally, USPS tracking can be off by 24 hours. Also, if the barcode is scratched, it may not show the tracking information until the package is delivered.

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